~ Paullie

Alex was instrumental in getting our home as gorgeous as it looks today! As someone who’s super busy and doesn’t have a knack nor desire for interior design, Alex was a godsend. She made everything so convenient for me. From her visual design boards, to her non judgmental intake of my feedback, to being there for deliveries and just dealing with it all. She has a great can do and will get it done attitude that’s invaluable. As the cherry on top, she’s friendly, open and honest. Would definitely recommend Alex as an interior designer for your home!

Autumn Summerbreeze
--Autumn Summerbreeze

I knew, just knew in my heart that my nest could be awesome, and I was right. Alex and the Revolutionized team scored an amazing win for our firm. Great work all around, amazing eye for style. it left us Revolutionized, just smitten.

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Words go here. Oh, yes. Words. Testimonial words that testify to the aforementioned awesomeness

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